Twin Tiers Sports Post-Concussion Support Group.

By: Ed Weaver | NTL Sports | September 26, 2017

Twin Tiers Sports Post-Concussion Support Group.

In November 2010, Athens' Athletic Trainer Steve Hicks started the Twin Tiers Sports Post-Concussion Support Group for athletes and their families.

A few students developed PCS (Post-Concussion Syndrome) with symptoms lasting from weeks, months, and even over a year plus. Many of these athletes and their families, especially the parents, didn't know how to deal with the effects of a concussion. Since concussions are not typically "visible" injuries, and there is often a lack of knowledge on how to manage concussed patients, these athletes and parents were left feeling alone and adrift, without resources.

Steve founded the support group after noting that many of these families seemed be feeling a "Deserted Island Effect"(not a medical term), as if they were the only people to be dealing with such issues. The purpose in starting the support group was to provide resources and knowledge regarding concussions/mTBI's, and a place for athletes and their families to share their feelings.

Meetings are held once a month during the school year on a non-specific Sunday throughout the school year from, September through May. Each meeting has a guest speaker and discussion period. The support group is under the Guthrie Sports Medicine Umbrella at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA.

Meetings are offered in three different ways:

  1. We meet in person at a specific location and time.
  2. I offer the meeting through Facebook Live on the support group page.
  3. I offer the meetings through a live web simulcast, currently I use GoToMeeting for this.

This past Sunday, we held our first meeting of the school year. It was the start of the 8th season. Over the 8 seasons we have had over 700 individuals participate in the group. Individuals have participated from not just all over the country but also all over the world. We have had guest speakers from Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, and New Zealand, and the group has had members from California, Texas, Florida, Germany, and the Philippines.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Sunday, Oct. 22, Guest Speaker: Brooke Snyder, 2 pm, 4 Blue Conference Room, Sayre Guthrie Clinic
Sunday, Nov. 12, Guest Speakers: Michele Hillman (administrator for Vision Therapy Parents Unite) and Dr. Charles Shidlofsky from Plano, Tx., 2pm, 4 Blue Conference Room, Sayre Guthrie Clinic
Sunday, Dec. 17, Guest Speaker: Cheyanne Northrup, 2pm, 4 Blue Conference Room, Sayre Guthrie Clinic
Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, Guest Speaker: Erin Stackhouse, 2pm, 4 Blue Conference Room, Sayre Guthrie Clinic
April: Guest Speaker: Rusty Wolfe: The date will be either the 15th or 22nd. 2 pm, not confirmed but likely in the 4 Blue Conference Room, Sayre Guthrie Clinic

For more information about the group, and to join, please visit their Facebook page.


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